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Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Machine for Pipetting and Mixing with CR3 Cobot

Customer pain points:

Manual inspection is inefficient with short working hours.


The nucleic acid automatic mixing and pipetting machine adopts the DOBOT CR3 collaborative robot to automatically complete loading and unloading, opening and closing the lids, mixing, pipetting, and cutting. The accuracy can be controlled at the level of 0.002 ml, achieving 4-in-1 versatile automated pipetting. The robotic solution meets the production needs of mixing and pipetting in healthcare, saving the workforce with archived, queried, and accurately controlled data.

Customer values:

24-hour non-stop operations improve detection efficiency.

High accuracy helps to prevent human errors.

Product advantages:

The CR series cobot has a lightweight body taking up less space and operating flexibly in limited spaces.

The success story provides diverse EoAT components and software application packages.

The solution shortens the distance between a product to the application area.

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