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Diverse Choice of Quality Curriculum

Diverse Choice of Quality Curriculum

Many STEAM education platforms lack quality curriculum content. Quality curriculum content requires a lot of time and experience to be accumulated and summarized before it can be developed based on student's cognitive ability and educational foundation. Dobot cooperates with many universities and K12 schools to create artificial intelligence courses with the learning purpose of building simple artificial intelligence systems.

Rich Kit Options

Rich Kit Options

Dobot has rich AI kits that provide many choices for STEAM courses, including writing and drawing kit, Robot Vision Kit, AI Teaching Kit, Basic AI Kit, Sliding Rail Kit, Conveyor Belt Kit, Industry 4.0 Kit, and other kits. With these kits, the robot arm realizes face recognition, image recognition, OCR, voice recognition, machine learning, natural speech processing, and other scenarios.

Educational Robotic Arms: Easy to Install, Long to Perform

Educational Robotic Arms: Easy to Install, Long to Perform

Dobot robotic arms are easy to deploy within 20 minutes, ensuring fast installation within 1 hour to perform. Our software technology makes the operation and management of the robotic arm intelligent and fast. It can accurately simulate human actions by demonstrating the path with no programming skills required, making them perfect for robust learning techniques and innovative teaching methods.

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