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Sliding Rail Kit

Sliding Rail Kit

Make Your Robot Go Beyond the Limits
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Expand Learning with Upscaling DOBOT Sliding Rail Kit

An operating range of one additional meter opens up extra opportunities for extensive scaling. With the sliding rail kit, the working space of DOBOT Magician can be fully extended to enable it to perform large-scale tasks, such as long-distance picking and placing, a more extensive range of writing, drawing, or laser engraving.

Sliding Rail Kit

Accurate Performance of Sliding Rail

The high-precision industrial linear rail ensures the robot runs very smoothly and coherently.

The accurate operation of the sliding rail provides an innovative learning approach for scaling rich features and multiple applications.

Diverse Tool Kit

The tool kit contains five different L-shaped screwdrivers, including 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm, and 4 mm. A complete set of hex screwdrivers makes it simple and easy to install. 

Safety Wire Set

With a drag-chain cable carrier containing and protecting the cable, you can have a smooth user experience while all the wires are in good order.

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Payload 5 kg
Effective Travel Distance 1000 mm
Maximum Speed 150 mm/s
Maximum Acceleration 150 mm/s²
Repeat positioning accuracy 0.01mm
Absolute positioning accuracy 0.25mm
Net Weight 4.7KG
Weight (including packing) 7.23KG
Dimension(Lenth × Width × Height) 1320mm × 120mm × 55mm
Shipping List
The package include:Sliding Rall, Tool Kit, Wire Set, Attachment and Assembly instructions. We don't cover the customs tax

What should I do if the linear rail is moving erratically?

If you cannot control the motion of the linear rail when both the linear rail...

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What should I do if the homing position of the linear rail is abnormal?

If the linear rail is in the position as shown in the following picture...

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What should I do if the Linear Rail begins to write abnormally?

For example: the linear rail writes in reverse order...

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