Collaborative robots offer competitive advantages to businesses across industries.
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Dobot's robots are capable of performing a wide range of tasks more efficiently.
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  • Rapid Growth

    Rapid Growth

    Dobot is the #1 Chinese industrial robot exporter, with over 55,000 units sold to date. We are rapidly expanding to major regions establishing new offices.

  • Professional Support

    Professional Support

    Create tickets and track status on MyDobot. We offer professional training sessions online and onsite. FAE work around the clock to serve partners and end users.

  • Lasting Partnerships

    Lasting Partnerships

    Dobot prioritizes serving our distribution network. Partner support plan is created every year to ensure the success of our partners.

  • Strong Branding Presence

    Strong Branding Presence

    Dobot attends major trade shows year round and work closely with media and industry associations while maintaining social media presence on multiple platforms.

  • Innovative Robotics Technology

    Innovative Robotics Technology

    As the creator of the world’s first desktop grade robotic arms and the only mass produced pre-collision detection system, Dobot is always researching new technologies and applying them to robots.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    Dobot operates one of the largest cobot manufacturing facilities in China. Thorough quality control processes are in place to ensure the quality of robots we deliver.

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Global Distribution Network

The Dobot distribution network consists of more than 200 partners, selling to over 140 countries and regions, and multiple regional offices and warehouse.

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