DOBOT robots meet diverse industrial needs with high-precision performance
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  • Rapid Market Growth

    Rapid Market Growth

    We are growing fast with our constantly increasing sales target. Since the company's establishment, 40,000+ units were sold overseas.

  • Comprehensive Training & Support

    Comprehensive Training & Support

    Provides comprehensive training and support to distributors. We value our partners and invest in their continuous growth.

  • Long-term Partnerships

    Long-term Partnerships

    DOBOT is responsible for long-term commitment to distributors while promoting DOBOT collaborative robots. We'll always cover helpful partnership information on our official page.

  • Strong Brand Image & Customized Support

    Strong Brand Image & Customized Support

    We promote our robotic brand through strong expertise, customized support, and cooperation with global media partners.

  • In-house R&D & Innovative Robotics

    In-house R&D & Innovative Robotics

    Self-designs robotic arms and rich software products to solve complex education and industry challenges.

  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control

    Quality Assurance & Quality Control

    We have built an effective system of preventing mistakes instead of fixing them. DOBOT created advanced quality control management focused on automated inspection.

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Global Cooperation

DOBOT is a reliable robotic arm provider cooperating with stand-out global partners. Partner with us to discover the automation horizon. 

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DOBOT strives to meet and exceed requirements of our customers. You may request and test the model before purchase to make sure our solution is the right fit for you.

If you would like to schedule a demo or appointment, kindly contact the DOBOT sales representative at or call us 400 800 7266.

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* Please note that due to high demand, we cannot guarantee delivery by a specific date.

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