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CR Series Collaborative Robot Packaging & Palletizing

Customer pain points:

Manual loading and unloading efficiency is low, and it is easy to cause strains.

Work tasks are repetitive, making recruitment difficult.


Semi-automatic food daily chemical palletizing consists of CR series robots, lifting tools, and a set of feeding conveyor belts. The end of the robot is equipped with a non-standard suction cup, while the body is equipped with a lifting tool, matching with the feeding conveyor belt to perform the order palletizing. In this case, the CR robot picks the boxes from the fully automatic production line and places them in an orderly manner. At the same time, it is equipped with an ascending and descending mechanism to increase the layer's height, which is efficient and fast, resulted in increased production capacity.

Customer values:

The robot is more efficient, enabling to reduce labor costs.

Product advantages:

The CR series cobots are simple to operate and flexible to deploy.

Rich end-of-arm toolings and software packages are integrated fast according to the food packaging needs.

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