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AGV Loading and Unloading of CNC Machines with CR Series Collaborative Robot

Customer pain points:

The complicated loading and unloading process and the frequent material flow on multiple platforms make it difficult to find highly professional workers. The repetitive labor intensity is high.

Poor environment in the machine workshop, noise pollution, and a high risk of injury level. 


In this success story, an AGV trolley is assembled with a CR robot to form a feeder. The feeder interacts with the lathe signal through I/O to perform the loading and unloading of multiple machine tools. Through visual positioning, the robot arm uses a double gripper to pick the blank workpiece at one end, flips the other end of the gripper to remove the finished workpiece in the CNC, and then places the blank workpiece. 14 CNC tending machines accomplish the loading and unloading process. 

Customer values:

Designed with the lightweight body, our robot arm prevents the large-scale transformation of automated lines, making the solution less risky with a high return on investment.

One robotic arm saves four workers, reducing the labor costs and allowing to switch workers into more complicated tasks.

Product advantages:

The collaborative robot is equipped with the drag-and-drop teaching technology and interactive programming, enabling the flexible deployment and short debugging time. 

The solution allows to switch fast between different product lines.

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