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Ensuring Anti-interference and Stable Manufacturing Operations
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Diving in CR10S Safe Operation and Rapid Response

Equipped with a collision detection feature, CR10S obtains a 7 cm ultra-long space sensing distance. CR10S cobot effectively protects the operator from injury within 0.01s fast response. It achieves safe human-robot interaction along with high sensitivity.



Innovative Pre-collision Sensing Technology

DOBOT exclusive technology ensures the safety of operations for human-robot interaction.
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Innovative Pre-collision Sensing Technology
Innovative Pre-collision Sensing Technology
Name DOBOT SafeSkin (add-on feature)
Perception type Proximity-tactile perception
Perceivable objects Human body, metal, liquid, etc. (conductor, lesssensitive to non-conductor)
Recommended installation location Forearm+J4+J5+J6
Proximity perception distance 5~15 cm(may vary based on different parts of the robot)
Approaching response cycle 10 ms
Approaching emergency stop time 0.1 s

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Weight 40 kg
Maximum Payload 10 kg
Working Radius 1300 mm
Max Reach 1525 mm
Rated Voltage DC48V
Maximum Speed of TCP 4 m/s
Joint Ranges J1 ±360°
J2 ±360°
J3 ±160°
J4 ±360°
J5 ±360°
J6 ±360°
Maximum Speed of Joints J1/J2 120° /s
J3/J4/J5/J6 180° /s
End-Effector I/O Interface DI/DO/AI 2
AO 0
Communication Interface Communication RS485
Controller I/O DI 16
DO/DI 16
ABZ Incremental Encoder 1
Repeatability ±0.03 mm
Communication TCP/IP, Modbus, Wi-Fi
IP Rating IP54
Temperature 0℃~ 45℃
Power 350W
Materials Aluminum alloy, ABS plastic

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