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Magician Go

Magician Go

Omnidirectional Mobile Platform Designed for AI and STEAM Education
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Innovative Learning of Logistics with DOBOT Magician Go Automatic Platform

DOBOT Magician Go is an omnidirectional mobile platform that can be equipped with Magician Lite (Magician Lite robotic arm needs to be purchased separately). Combined with Magician Lite, it can achieve "hands and feet" to complete more complex, comprehensive, and smart artificial intelligence applications, such as intelligent logistics, communities, and transportation.

Magician Go

Omnidirectional System

Using the Mecanum Wheels, Magician Go moves in any direction without changing its positions, such as horizontally, sideways, and rotating. It works in a more complex and narrow space and adapts to various applications under different conditions.

Coordinate System and Map Navigation

Magician Go has a built-in odometer, which can obtain real-time position information. With one-to-one simulation to create a real dynamic environment, it is convenient for users to monitor the robot's movement status and perform autonomous path planning.

AI Vison and Automatic Driving

The DOBOT Magician Go applies localized visual recognition, such as image, face, and text recognition. Based on the vision system, the DOBOT Magician Go performs multiple autonomous driving scenarios, including intelligent road inspection, street sign detection, pedestrian detection, and robotic arm intelligent sorting.

Rich Accessory Options for Extended Learning

Cooperating with RobotLab to achieve more AI and hardware interaction scenarios, DOBOT Magician GO supports graphical programming and Python programming, which opens more opportunities for students of all ages to learn artificial intelligence technologies, such as automatic driving.

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