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Conveyor Belt Kit

Conveyor Belt Kit

Simplest Mini Production Line

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DOBOT Conveyor Belt Kit: Stepping into a Production Line Simulation Universe

The Conveyor Kit for DOBOT Magician makes it possible to obtain a complete simulated production line. The powerful and programmable DOBOT Magician, combined with the adjustable speed, distance, and color sensor conveyor belt, is a perfect tool for creating a highly effective simulated production line or even applying it to existing factory application scenarios.

Conveyor Belt Kit

Conveyor Belt as a Core Component

A mini conveyor belt is a core component for building an automation process with your robotic arm. It is adaptable to multiple educational needs, enabling you to train your skills in a production assembly line. 

Photoelectric Switch Facilitates Object Detection 

Detect whether there are objects in front of the photoelectric switch as it helps improve the quality and the speed of the object detection. 

Color Sensor Detection on the Surface 

An easy-to-use color sensor for you to categorize red, blue, and green objects. Do not need to give the robotic arm a hint of the color. With the help of color sensor technology, DOBOT Conveyor Belt Kit will scan and identify them fast.  

Interactive Foam Blocks 

These colorful foam blocks are easy to grab, move, and pile. It is the most suitable material for getting a grip on the automation process. 

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Conveyor Belt
Payload 500 g
Effective delivering distance 600 mm
Maximum speed 120 mm/s
Maximum acceleration 1100 mm/s²
Net Weight 4.2 kg
Weight (including packing) 5.34 kg
Dimension 700 mm × 215 mm × 60 mm
Distance measuring sensor unit
Measurable range 20 ~ 150 mm
Signal Analog Output
Input 4.5 - 5.5 V
Color recognizing sensor unit
Input 3~5 V
Shipping List
The package include: Mini conveyor belt, Photoelectric switch, Color sensor, Toolkit and Attachment. We don't cover the customs tax
  • User Manual

If DOBOT Magician encounter obstacles and misses some steps during its running, and results in wrong points, what should I do next?

Press Home button firstly and continue your operation...

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What should I do if the sorting Dobot don’t run but both programs are running normally and blocks have already been in front of the photoelectric sensor?

Open the blockly module, and run the test program below to check the photoelectric...

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What should I do if Dobot arms stop above the color sensor and places blocks on it during its sorting process?

Take a close look at the color of indicator light. The yellow indicates the...

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What should I do if the color sensor doesn’t work or it can only distinguish one color?

Check the present software firmware and the version of Dobot Studio whether...

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