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M1 Pro

M1 Pro

Perfect Choice for Small and Medium-sized Factories

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DOBOT M1 Pro Brings High Utility to Customers

DOBOT M1 Pro is the second generation intelligent collision detection 4-axis SCARA robot with a built-in dynamic algorithm and operational software. It is ideal for industrial needs requiring high speed operations. A simple design, collision detection, and hand-guided learning make M1 Pro intelligent and easily manageable.

M1 Pro

Fast Performance

Integrated controller and robot arm design enable plug and play and save the process of connections and installing wires through a high estimated speed of joints. The maximum joints' speed ranges from 180 to 1000 degrees, making M1 Pro time-saving.

Reliability and Safety

M1 Pro can collaborate with human operators without any safety risk. The front part of the arm is 40% narrower than the arm of a traditional industrial robotic arm. It can significantly decrease the damage to the machine, raising automation efficiency.

Easy Operation

M1 Pro supports wireless control on different devices with multiple programming options. When the operator turns on the free-to-drop function, the robot can easily drag and drop the arm to any position. It substantially saves time on testing and simplifies the process of programming.

Smart Performance

Designed for smart integration, M1 Pro is efficient to install. Its encoder interface supports conveyor tracking functionality and adjusts robot paths to the motion of a conveyor. DOBOT M1 Pro maintains the smoothness and guarantees consistent production, e.g., in the gluing application.

Applications Across Industries

Dobot provides high-quality products and fast set-up features in diverse product lines.

M1 Pro

Weight (kg) 15.7 kg
Effective Payload (kg) 1.5 kg
Reach (mm) 400 mm
Repeatability(mm) ±0.02 mm
Power Supply 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz

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M1 Pro

Weight (kg) 15.7 kg
Effective Payload (kg) 1.5 kg
Reach (mm) 400 mm
Repeatability(mm) ±0.02
Power Supply 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz
Joint Ranges J1 ±85°
J2 ±130°
J3 5mm ~ 245 mm
J4 ±360°
Joint Maximum Speed J1 180° /s
J2 180° /s
J3 1000 mm/s
J4 1000° /s
Communication TCP/IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU
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  • Control Software

  • 3D Model

  • SDK

What is the protection level of the M1 Pro collaborative robot?

The protection level of the M1 Pro collaborative robot is IP20...

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