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Latte Art in Mobile Coffee Cart by CR Series Cobot

Customer pain points:

The space is limited in the highly developed popular areas, making it difficult to succeed.

The number of employees is not enough to operate during the peak hours.


In the 9-square-meter mobile coffee cart, two collaborative robots are in charge of preparing coffee and drawing art patterns. The manager controls customer services. Only one person can operate the entire coffee shop. This case is based on the DOBOT’s powerful machine learning migration. The robot visually captures the trajectory of the barista hands and uses the vibration suppression function to eliminate the jitter interference generated during the drawing. It perfectly reproduces the barista movements and the entire coffee making process. At the same time, the DOBOT CR series robot arm can collaborate with employees to complete the production of a variety of drinks.

Customer values:

It only takes 90 seconds to prepare coffee as a part of the human-machine collaboration. This standardized process does not only ensure quality and hygiene but also achieves higher efficiency.

It can be moved at any time and deployed flexibly. Users can conduct mobile operations according to the number of customers.

Product advantages:

The CR series has a lightweight body, taking up little space and being taught with one click to quickly perform diverse tasks.

Supports 5-level adjustable sensitivity collision detection, ensuring high safety and collaboration.

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