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Robot Noodle Shop with DOBOT CR Cobot

Customer pain points:

Labor costs are rising, while food production is time-consuming.


A meeting hall opened in Suzhou, China uses CR series robots to create a robotic restaurant. There is no need for human operation in meal ordering and delivery, noodle making, pressing, cooking, tableware disinfection, and plate loading.

Customer values:

The brand new robot noodle restaurant has implemented a 24-hour business model, reducing labor investment.

The delivery time is 30 seconds, which is more timesaving than manual operations. From ordering to delivery, DOBOT robots are used throughout the processes.

Robots play a sufficient role in attracting people to visit the robot noodle shop.

Product advantages:

It is easy to install, flexible to deploy, and ergonomic in limited spaces. 

DOBOT cobots apply graphics programming and drag-and-drop teaching technologies with no need to rely on integrators, making it easy to get started fast after simple training.

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