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World’s First Kid-Friendly AI-Infused Robot Arm DOBOT Magician Lite Wins the Red Dot Awards 2020

#Company · Jul 3, 2020

Shenzhen, China, July 3, 2020 —— Dobot, the leading STEAM & robotics solution provider, announced today that its world’s first kids-friendly, AI-infused & multi-functional robot arm for K12 and STEAM education —DOBOT Magician Lite, is a winner of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020.

         Red Dobot Award 2020 Winner:  DOBOT Magician Lite


In recognition of its innovations, the jury of experts at the Red Dot Awards heaped praise of DOBOT Magician Lite, “Thanks to its enormous performance range and many possibilities, the DOBOT Magician Lite robot arm recommends itself as an excellent educational platform.”


“We are proud to once again win this prestigious honor. Since its debut, we have received great feedback from the STEAM community and have been so impressed with the stories we hear of school’s technology & STEM teachers who are going above and beyond to keep their young students engaged with Dobot’s educational robotics, especially during these difficult times,” said Jerry Liu, founder & CEO of Dobot. “We are confident that a focus on young students in need of robotics and AI skills will be an important and timely asset for teachers as they prepare their students for a bright future. And our team at Dobot will stay committed more than ever to creating a richer, more rewarding educational experience for students and teachers.”


Since debuting DOBOT Magician Lite last October, Dobot is on a mission of pioneering a brand new education technology standard of reaching the STEAM education goals for 21st-century schools, educators, and students, making AI and robotics accessible to students from primary to career education in a superb package.


Meet DOBOT Magician Lite, the Red Dot Awards 2020 Winner


DOBOT Magician Lite is an all-in-one solution platform for STEAM, robotics, and AI education. The multi-functional robot, designed with K12 educators and 8 to 18-year-old students in mind, is easy to use and implement, and highly adaptable to a wide range of settings. From various kits including a camera for image recognition, intuitive software embedded with speech recognition, to comprehensive curriculum, lab project instructions, and themed competitions, Magician Lite provides everything teachers and students need to bring AI and STEAM subjects to life in classroom settings and beyond.


STEAM, AI & Robotics Education Solution Powered by DOBOT Magician Lite


Immediately Approachable Projects with Camera Kit, Pen Holder, Suction Cup & Flexible Gripper


Magician Lite comes with a camera kit to recognize images, a pen holder to draw and write, a suction cup to pick and place, and a flexible gripper to handle food, beverage and delicate items. Upon receiving the package, students and teachers can build projects within minutes.



Explore What-If Scenarios that Mimic Real Life Situations with Additional Ready-to-Build Accessory Kits


Even more exciting is, Magician Lite can also be equipped with a collection of ready-to-build accessory kits, including AI teaching kit, conveyor belt and slider rail Kit, and even competition set. These kits facilitate an inquiry- and project-based learning, from 1h, 2h, 4h-long to months-long passion project, students are encouraged to work on more complicated, harder problems once they have finished the AI and Robotics basics, and start exploring the “what if”s on their own with guidance from the teachers, which naturally help to formulate pathways for students to become innovators and real-world problem solvers at their own merits.


Freedom to Create & Build with “Magic Box”


The external controller "Magic Box" offers 12 expansion interfaces to help students harness their creative power. With Bluetooth 4.2 connection, students can connect Magician Lite with other components such as automated guided vehicle (AGV) and control up to 8 robots simultaneously to create a more complex system.


Programming Learning Now Made Graphical & Easy


DOBOT Magician Lite can be programmed by the Scratch-based DobotBlock software (originally DobotScratch), which empowers students to program, create games and animations by simply dragging and dropping coding blocks on their PCs, MacBook’s and Chromebooks.


70 Supporting Lesson Plans & 10 Project Demos


Dobot provides encompassing curriculum guides to teachers to help them kickstart students’ sense of play. 10 scenario-specific projects engage and challenge students to practice STEAM, AI and robotics skills in a “near real world” environment, preparing them for college and career in the technology- and AI-infused world.


Themed Robotics Competitions to Achieve Tangible Results


At Dobot robotic completions, students get to form their team and design and build their own solutions in line with some of the most trending topics such as environmental protection, smart farming, etc.


Four Project Ideas Powered by Dobot Robots


The builder of DOBOT Magician Lite is Dobot, the all-in-one robotics solutions provider for STEAM and AI education. Providing high-quality STEAM, AI and Robotics education to K12 educators and students is a critical piece of Dobot’s future-proof education philosophy because it helps bridge the skill gaps at an age when students are just beginning to generate ideas about their futures.


It is the second time that Dobot educational robots have won the Red Dot Awards, also known as the "Oscar" of the design industry. To date, Dobot has sold more than 25,000 units of robot arms in over 100 countries and regions and changed the way tens of thousands of educators and students approach STEAM and robotics subjects.


Pricing & Availability


Magician Lite is available for quotation via


For more information, please visit: /products/education/magician-lite.html


About Red Dot Design Award


The Red Dot Design Award was established by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, the most prestigious German design association in Europe, in Essen, Germany in 1955. It is the most authoritative design award in the global industrial design industry. The award is known for its strict selection criteria and it consists of three awards: Product Design Award, Communication Design Award, and Design Concept Award. The entries must have innovative features that differentiate themselves from other similar products and represent the world's highest industrial design level in the field.


About Dobot


Dobot is a leading provider of all-perceptive robotics solutions for industry, business and STEAM education. Since founded in 2015, Dobot has quickly rose to fame by being the No.1 exporter of industrial robots in China for the last two consecutive years, celebrating 200,000 users all over the world. To date, Dobot has helped hundreds of manufacturers transition to automation with ease and changed the way tens of thousands of educators and students approach STEAM and robotics education. Dobot was named the Top 80 Artificial Intelligence Companies by Hurun Report in 2018.


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