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Dobot is Showcasing its Robotic Automation Solutions at Automation India Expo 2019

#Events · Sep 25, 2019

Mumbai, September 25 – Dobot, a global leading expert of all-perceptive intelligent robotics solutions, will be showcasing its robotic automation solutions from September 25-28, 2019 at Automation India Expo 2019, which is the largest Automation & Instrumentation exhibition of South-East Asia.


DOBOT at Automation India Expo 2019


India is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies housing 40 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Demand for factory automation has given an impetus to the industrial automation industry in India. Industries in India like the automotive, chemicals, and mining industry are automating processes and making such processes more innovative. By the end of 2020, it is expected that the Indian manufacturing sector touch $1 trillion and generate 90 million jobs.


“Small and medium-sized enterprises used to be left out of the picture when it came to automated manufacturing because of insufficient fund, shortage of high skilled workers, rising labor, etc. With the advent of cobots, the automation landscape is shifting. What Dobot is trying to do is help small and medium-sized factories join in the unstoppable tide of digitalization with affordable, customizable robotics automation solutions.” says Jerry Liu, founder and CEO of Dobot.


At Booth #C33, Area 15, Dobot provides demonstrations of its solutions about how Dobot industrial robots and SCARA robots can help factories prevent unplanned downtime, reduce energy and optimize processes. A few of Dobot robots that will be on display include:


DOBOT M1: DOBOT M1 is the world’s first SCARA collaborative robot arm for small and medium-sized factories. Lightweight and portable, the 4-axis robot arm delivers fast setup and flexible deployment. M1’s effective cost, easy programming and low maintenance make it a perfect automation solution for small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


DOBOT CR5: Lightweight, customizable and easy to program, DOBOT CR5 is dedicated to bringing safe automation of repetitive, risky tasks for manufacturers across industries. With 5kg payload and 900mm radius, CR5 is the perfect cobot for performing production tasks such as packing, assembly or testing.



DOBOT-SA3-400: DOBOT-SA3-400 SCARA industrial robot adopts TrueMotion high-speed compensated interpolation and self-developed high-performance servo drive to produce high-precision trajectory without sacrificing a bit speed. That means the robot arm can perform production tasks such as gluing or welding with smooth movements and high path accuracy while maintaining its standard cycle time.


DOBOT Magician: DOBOT Magician is the world’s first multi-functional desktop robotic arm that is geared toward practical training education. The robotic arm won the CES 2018 Innovation Award and iF DESIGN AWARD 2018. Its compatibility with 13 extensible interfaces and 20 programming languages give users numerous ways to control and direct the robotic arm. Students, makers and even smaller factory owners can control the robotic arm via programming, APP, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. The 4 axis robotic arm offers an extensive range of end-tool capabilities, such as pick and place, materials sorting, 3D printing, laser engraving, etc.


Be sure to visit booth #C33, Area 15 to find out more about Dobot’s latest innovative automation solutions at this year’s Automation Expo.




Dobot is a global leading expert of all-perceptive intelligent robotics solutions, focusing on the development of all-perceptive intelligent robotic arms that integrate perception and interaction. Thanks to its remarkable breakthroughs in vision, control, servo drive, and robotic body, Dobot products are selling in more than 140 countries and regions around the world, widely used in education, industry and business. Globally, Dobot has an extensive network of over 100 key distributors, servicing over 200,000 users today. Dobot was named one of the World's 80 Most Valuable Robot Companies by CB Insights, ranked among the Hurun Top 100 Most Valuable New Star Enterprises in China, and the Top 80 Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2018.


ABOUT Automation India Expo


Automation Expo is India’s biggest and South East Asia’s 2nd biggest Exhibition & Conference Program, held annually in Mumbai – the commercial capital of India with easy access to a highly concentrated region of prime industrial hubs of Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Belgaum, Vadodara, Vapi, Ahmedabad, among others. Since inception in the year 2002, Automation Expo – held biennially until 2010 and annually from 2011 – has consistently evolved as a top-of-the-class platform to showcase the world’s best automation technologies under one roof.

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