DOBOT robots meet diverse industrial needs with high-precision performance
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Convenient & Easy to Use

Convenient & Easy to Use

DOBOT collaborative robots deploy simple single-hand guidance and interactive programming modes. They can learn how to work fast and meet all the production requirements for various types of manufacturing, including small batches. Because of their compact and elegant design, they do not require a sophisticated approach to installation.

 Efficient & Reliable

Efficient & Reliable

High velocity and efficient cobots are perfect for the short-run, resulting in increased performance in fast-paced semiconductor manufacturing. Reliable cobots account for enhanced manufacturing performance and, thus, high-quality products at the end of the production cycle.

DOBOT robotic arms significantly improve semiconductors’ quality, boosting their competitive edge.



DOBOT collaborative robots are adaptable to various small fraction semiconductor production patterns. They prevent frequent changeovers in supply chain management and save production time.

Customer demand for a personalized approach is increasing daily, requiring a more flexible manufacturing approach. Automated solutions can become a helpful hand for manufacturers, who value resilience to constantly changing consumer demand.

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One step from industrial choice to a perfect cobots' variation. DOBOT robotic arms help respond to manufacturing needs by reacting to rapid market changes in your industry.

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DOBOT strives to meet and exceed requirements of our customers. You may request and test the model before purchase to make sure our solution is the right fit for you.

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