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Pre-collision Detection System for CR3, CR5 and CR10

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SafeSkin Accessory

The SafeSkin is a wearable accessory designed for collaborate robots to enable pre-collision detection. With high surface coverage, long sensing distance, quick response time, SafeSkin takes human-machine collaboration to a new level. Users can now enjoy both efficiency and safety.



Innovative Pre-collision
Sensing Technology

Dobot’s exclusive technology for safer operations.
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Innovative Pre-collision Sensing Technology
Innovative Pre-collision Sensing Technology

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Sense Type Proximity and contact
Sensing Targets Human bodies, metals, liquids, etc. (Less effective with non-conductive items)
Installation Location J4, J5, J6 recommended
Effective Sense Range 5 ~ 15 cm (varies based on installation location)
Sensing Cycle Time 0.01 s
Emergency Stop Execution Time 0.1 s

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