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Electric Gripper (Servo type)

Electric Gripper (Servo type)

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Main Features

High gripping force (up to 2N for each side);  

Finer control over gripping forces and speeds;

Gripping distance is adjustable to tune according to the size of the work parts.

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Electric Gripper (Servo type)

Model PGE-2
Gripping force (per jaw) 0.8-2 N
Opening/closing stroke (both sides) 0-12 mm
Opening/closing time 0.2 s / 0.2 s
Weight 0.3 kg
Force repeatability ± 0.1 N
Position repeatability (both sides) ± 0.02 mm
Noise emission < 40 dB
Ingress protection rating IP40
Communication protocols Modbus RTU (RS485), I/O
Nominal voltage 24V DC ± 10%
Nominal current 0.2 A
Peak current 0.5 A

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