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Top 10 desktop laser engravers 2017

#Blog · Aug 24, 2017

In our daily life, we often see traces of laser engraving, purses, leather, furniture, glass and crystal. Laser engravers are used in many aspects of life. Now, more and more companies start to develop desktop laser engravers which can be used in small business, artwork engraving and personal logo printing. I wish to introduce some desktop laser engravers those have great reputation in my mind. In this article, let me show you the top 10 desktop laser engravers in 2017.


DOBOT Magician


DOBOT Magician is a robot arm desktop laser engravers with simple and elegant black and white appearance. I really love this color matching. And it supports BMP, SVG and DXF 0.2mm precision, laying perfect strokes laser engraving, works on leather and wood. It can be done with lots of beautiful and complicated patterns. DOBOT Magician has multiple control modes include PC, phone, gesture, voice and even brainwave. Various modes of operation make Dobot more widely used in life.


DOBOT Magician’s controlling software DobotStudio has integrated so many features, while making it easier to control a robotic arm. DobotStudio also has a whole set of parameters for you to customize. You can control your own robotic arm without any coding! And the laser engraver equipped with an anti radiation glasses to protect your eyes, so everyone is very easy to use, even for children without any experience.


More importantly, DOBOT magician is not only a desktop laser engraving machine, it is a multifunctional desktop robot arm can be used to write, paint, 3D printing, laser engraving and multi Dobot cooperation. It’s an All-In-One robot for education. Now it has been published in the classroom, home, workshop, factory, and brought convenience to everyone.


DOBOT magician engraver

DOBOT Magician laser engraver


HTPOW Handicraft Engraver


The HTPOW Handicraft Engraver can help you to create a unique art easily with an affordable price. If you love to personalize your small stuffs, it’s a very suitable machine with an inch and a half across engraving area. HTPOW uses a ferroalloy durable frame and a 405nm blue-violet laser.It’s a gospel of DIY lovers, cool frame shape, classic black as the main color, more important is that it’s small enough to place anywhere. The laser engraver allows for darker and deeper engraving of 1000MW power, can achieve Black&White, Gray Scale and Offline three modes, so it can be used in many conditions.


htpow handicraft engraver

HTPOW Handicraft Engraver




Most people are interested in laser engraving but do not wish to spend too much. So the SainSmart blue is a great choice of desktop laser engraver. It has an engraving area of 69*68mm with low-light positioning and reset functions. What’s more is that SainSmart is just 2.2 pounds which is much lighter than other laser engraving machines. This machine implements laser engraving through the introduction of image files, so its operation is very simple without any setting.

SainSmart Blue Laser

SainSmart Blue Laser 1000Mv


Mophorn 40


The laser engraving machine Mophorn’s quality is good, in accordance with people's requirements, it provides many functions. Mophorn’s population is semi-professional. The size of the machine is 12 * 8, using a 40W CO2 laser with an engraving area of 300 x 200mm and a resolution of up to 1000 dpi. Mophorn can engrave acrylic, leather, bamboo, plastic, but except the metal. There is a usb port which can connect with PC and desktop, so the Mophorn can design patterns through the software Coreldraw which supports various formats such as JPG, EMF, PLT and WMF.

Mophorn CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

Mophorn CO2 Laser Engraving Machine 40W




BIQU’s frame structure is very compact, which determines that it has a large laser engraving area. Its dimensions are 440mm * 620mm with working area being 350mm * 620mm. BIQU has a laser power of 2500 mW with an input voltage of 12 V. The desktop laser engraver with purple laser is advantageous for amateur laser engraving and can be easily operated by connecting to a computer. It can achieve gray scale printing, low-light positioning and free positioning function, connect it to a Windows7 or XP computer, you can print any picture you want at a few kinds of materials except metals, stones, ceramics, glass, jewelries, reflecting material, colourless and transparent material, soft material.

biqu 2500mw laser cutting machine

BIQU 2500Mw Laser Cutting Machine





CNCShop Laser Engraver can be used to draw large images, logos, or text with 1400 x 900mm engraving area. CNCShop has 1300 W laser powers and high precision, so it can achieve 1,000 mm/s engraving speed and 2500 DPI resolutions. This desktop laser engraver machine is suitable for various materials, such as bamboo piece, boulder, horns, leather, crystal, wood and so on. The machine can be adapted for small businesses in gifting, toys, shoes and other similar industries even for leather cutting and semi-industrial needs.

cncshop laser engraving machine

CNCShop Laser Engraving Machine


Sunwin mini


Sunwin mini is a good choice for the amateur laser engraving user who uses gray scale printing. Low-light positioning and free positioning functions regularly. This machine weighs 2.4kg, the main weight comes from the protective glass. Sunwin has an engraving area of 140*200mm, with a good laser power so the fastest speed can be 0.2 seconds/ pixel. What’s more is that the machine is easy to assemble, you only need some screws to mount the axis and laser.


But the desktop  laser engraver’s basic software is difficult to operate, and they don’t give the instruction manual. So it’s not suitable for the person without any software experience.

sunwin mini laser engraver

Sunwin mini Laser Engraver


FABOOL Laser Mini


FABOOL Laser Mini was developed by a group of Janpanese engineers called smartDIYs. In 2016, Fabool laser mini has collected about $ 60 million on the public platform, which was the highest amount of Japan in history.


It’s an open-source, ready-to-assemble type of desktop laser engraver. So this machine has a very effective scalability to meet the requirements of the users. FABOOL equipped high-spec motor driver and high-speed microcomputer chip to provide sufficient machine performance and satisfy a wide range of needs. And the machine supports SVG、DXF、JPEG、BMP、PNG、TIF、GIF、PSD films, and can be utilized in laptop with Windows, Mac, Linux system. This provides more convenience for the user.


fabool laser mini

FABOOL Laser Mini




The COLEMETER Laser Engraver is a usb mini desktop engraving machine with a lot of love in the field of DIY. This machine is powered by two usb ports and required 4.2v to operate. There are an engraving area of measuring 140 x 140 x 213mm and an operate power of 1000MW. Most DIY lovers like it because it’s user-friendly, and supports various formats such as BMP, JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG and DIB. More formats it supports, the easier it is for us to make DIY.


However, there is a drawback, do not support MAC and Linux systems, when we want to use COLEMETER we must find a Windows laptop.

colemeter laser engraver

COLEMETER Laser Engraver


Orion Motor Tech


The Orion, a nice laser engraver and cutter for leather, have a large engraving area measuring 300 x 500mm, which is suitable for engravings on a large variety of materials. And it has a high resolution ratio of 0.001 in 0.026mm/4500DPI. So you can design any complex patterns you want. The machine has excellent laser power with maximum engraving speed of 500mm/s and maximum cutting speed of 80mm/s.


The desktop laser engraver can be monitored by the control board and connecting laptop with USB, and it works well with CorelDraw, and supports all graphic formats that make our work easier. Besides leathers, Orion also can engrave materials like plastic, stone, crystal and wood, but the effect is not so good as leather carving.

orion motor tech laser engraver

Orion Motor Tech laser engraver


Above is what I would like to recommend to you, my readers who really like technology. You can choose the desktop laser engraver according to your individual needs. If you have another suggestion please tell me about the comment.


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