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How to use DOBOT magician laser engraver to make a gift?

#Blog · Sep 23, 2017

As a DIY lover, we all wish that everything in our life was hand-made, to give someone else a present, you need to do it yourself. Portrait is the choice of many people. Gouache and oil painting needs deep drawing skills. The picture might be yellowing. It's not easy to save. Compared to painting, by a machine operation, laser engraving has become the new favorite of DIY lovers. Many people like engrave photos in a wood, carve a cell phone shell of your own and engrave names on rings. Usually, you need to give the shop the things you want to engrave, they will help you carve the shape. It’s very convenient, but you can’t experience the fun of the process. As a DIY lover, you might want to do every gift by yourselves. Dobot will help you deal with this. Today, we will introduce how the Dobot laser engraver make a gift.


DIY Gift by yourself


First, you should prepar materials like woods and leathers. DOBOT magician is suitable for wood, leather, cardboard and plastic. You need to design ahead of time what you wish to give. Wood products can be structured in several categories: Photo frame, wooden photo album, jigsaw puzzle, wooden dice, building blocks and so on. If you want to carve leather, you can get some patterned leather belts, leather bags, leather bracelets. There is likewise a low-cost, very popular DIY product, the DIY mobile phone shell. DOBOT magician can also help you make it.


After choosing the material, we need to design patterns. You can find the design you want on the Internet, or you can design it by yourself. You can scan your script, or use the design software and drawing software directly to create it on your computer. Whether it's a simple line engraving or complex gray scale engraving, Dobot can handle it easily. It is worth noting that DOBOT Magician supports files in three formats, BMP, SVG, and DXF. If your file is in another mode, you need to change it.


Import design patterns to Dobotstudio


After completing the design of the pattern, connect the DOBOT Magician with the DobtotStudio. Then select patterns for carving patterns, and if your patterns are simple line patterns like name, motto and oath. You can choose laser engraving mode. And if your pictures have dimensions, such as portraits, animations, expressions, etc. You can select the gray scale engraving mode. These two kinds modes have different end clamps. Before you start engraving a pattern, you should check if the end tool is right.


Select carving patterns in Dobotstudio



Forth, import the pattern into the DobotStudio. Because the DOBOT Magician just can be operated within the loop, you should put the pattern in the range. After opening the picture, you need to set the corresponding gray scale, laser power and borders, custom engraving effects. The gray level affects the brightness and clarity of the pattern.


Adjust pattern range in Dobotstudio


The next step is adjusting the position of the laser end tool. After the parameter setting is finished, the end fixture is installed at the upper left corner of the main interface, and the laser is selected. Adjust laser focal length, turn on the laser. Press and hold the button on the arm, move the arm and observe the size of the laser spot, when the spot is minimum. You'll see traces of burning on the surface of the material. The important thing is you must hold the button on the arm, otherwise the Magician won’t follow your hand, the operation might destroy the machine. You can click the Auto Z in DobotStudio. The software will save the height of the arm position which is called Z value. The next time you use the machine, you don’t have to calibrate again. Just import the picture and click the start button.


Laser end tool position adjustment guideline Save Z value in Dobotstudio


The last step is click on the start button, wait for Magician carve the gift and pack it in a gift box.


Laser engraving show of Monkey D. Luffy


For children, you can design a puzzle on a board, then cut it into sixteen or sixty-four parts. It is a very good enlightening toy. And for friends, you can choose a photo of you to engrave, edit it by Ps or Al, make the photograph a gray scale picture. Of course, our software can also directly convert your image into a gray, but the effect may not be as good as your own editing. Save your youth in the form of wood engraving, there's no need to worry about its yellowing and fading. For yourself, you can engrave a purse with your own logo and motto, show your personality and attitude.


DOBOT Magician can help you achieve everything above easily. There is better interaction with relatives and friends of these little gifts. Dobot make life more interesting and convenience



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