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Dobot Educational Robotic Show at BETT 2018

#Events · Jan 30, 2018

LONDON, Jan 27, 2018 -- Dobot showcases at BETT 2018 in London, sharing robotics educational solutions to create a better future. Dobot, the leading educational robot arm solution provider, showcases its all-in-one robot for STEAM and Practical Training education, DOBOT Magician, the CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree. Besides that, the multifunctional transformable metallic 3D printer DOBOT MOOZ, and the new product Kodemon, an entry-level educational programmable robot, are also on BETT 2018 show.


Dobot Booth in BETT 2018

Dobot at BETT 2018


DOBOT Magician is a versatile educational robot arm, which can be utilized in both STEAM and practical education. Paired with different tools, DOBOT Magician can show various interesting functions, such as 3D printing, laser engraving, writing & drawing. Not only that, it is an ideal machine learning platform for the study comprehensive subjects. For instance, students can learn programming, data modeling, mechanical engineering, computing and industrial simulating and more.


DOBOT at BETT 2018


DOBOT MOOZ is the full metal industrial-grade 3D printer for makers with high stability and safety. It can transform to 3 different modes, singular axis, double axis, delta version, in which delta version can support mixing-color 3D printer smooth and fast. MOOZ also supports CNC carving and laser engraving. For learners and educators, with Dobot robotics, you can learn anything about science, technology, engineer, art and mathematics in one stop.


Dobot Mooz show at BETT 2018


Kodemon is Dobot latest product, an educational programmable robot with a complete programming education system, which supports functions such as graphical programming, DIY skin, following lines, following lights, autonomously avoiding obstacles and more. Kodemon allows children to learn artificial intelligence in advance.


Dobot BETT 2018 photo gallery


“Dobot has the complete product and solution system of STEAM education, practical training education and higher education, which providing a robotic education platform for students between 6-18 years old.” Said Dobot founder & CEO, Jerry Liu. “Dobot hopes that each kid can enjoy the pleasure taken by robots and artificial intelligence, that's what we are striving for!”


Dobot Booth in BETT 2018


TOM'S HARDWARE, the first-class technology media in Italy and the famous tech media DIYPHOTOGRAPHY of Israel had detailed interviews about Dobot robotics. The BETT officially reported Dobot innovative solutions on robot education.


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Dobot is the leading robot arm solution provider which makes technology simple and fun, easy to use and endless possibility. Dobot team has been devoted itself to the robotic technology research about 10 years and has made breakthrough progress in robotic algorithm, control system and others. Dobot has a complete product line covering education, industry, consumer and many other fields, and has obtained over 100 technical patents and various product certifications. Dobot is acknowledged as the National High-Tech Enterprise, and has been chosen as one of top 80 of the most valuable investment robotics companies as well as top 100 artificial intelligence enterprises.



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