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Injection Molding Machine Auxiliary with CR5 Robot Arm

Customer pain points:

Toxic gases such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in the plasticizing unit affect health.

Manual loading and unloading is inefficient and prone to accidental risks.


After obtaining the labeling material with a help of the CR5 robot, the material is sent to the limit block by a high-speed conveyor belt. The robotic arm is moved to the edge of the barrel through an eccentric gripper, while the soft coating material is used to perform labeling of the injection molding surface material. The process meets the process requirements of fully automated assembly line production.

Customer values:

Robots save the workforce, decreasing the pressure of hiring workers.

The robot is more efficient, allowing it to eliminate human errors.

Product advantages:

The CR series cobots are easy to deploy and simple to operate, enabling workers to get started fast.

Multiple EoATs and software application packages support users in integrating various applications easily.

The installation requirements are low with no need to change the existing production line layout.

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