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CR16 Series Robot Gearbox Screwdriving

Customer pain points:

Manual screwdriving is inefficient. Too much force can easily damage the screw holes, making it difficult to ensure product consistency.

The space for the transformation of traditional production lines is limited.


The solution consists of a CR16 collaborative robot and a locking kit. The EoATs adopt a double electric gripper design, while two screws are locked at the same time, helping complete the pre-tightening task of the screw set of a gearbox within 32 seconds.

Customer values:

The transformation of the automated production line was successfully completed, while the replacement of the screwdriving station was operated in a limited workspace.

The robot can continuously follow the exact procedures and scheduled workflow, improving the quality and consistency of the product.

Product advantages:

The DOBOT screwdriving process package supports different brands of screwdriving robot accessories that can expand various application scenarios and can quickly adapt to dynamic assembly tasks in different industries.

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