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Sanding and Polishing of Car Roof Surface with CR5 Cobot

Customer pain points:

The polishing process of the car roof surface has high requirements. As it is difficult to control the polishing intensity by manual operation, it has multiple issues, such as the uneven surface roughness of the processed product, which leads to the repetitive work.

The polishing production environment is dangerous. It is dusty, leading to high labor intensity and low efficiency. The polishing environment can cause professional diseases and affect the workers’ health.


The solution consists of the DOBOT CR5 robotic arm, a six-dimensional force sensor, and a grinding head to complete the polishing of irregular shapes of products, e.g., car roof surfaces and car doors. Based on force perception and adaptive compensation technology, the target can be controlled in a closed loop, the attitude can be automatically adjusted, and the contact force between the grinding head and the workpiece is kept constant to ensure polishing consistency.

Customer values:

The robotic polishing is more flexible, which greatly improves the consistency level of product quality. It maximizes efficiency while enhancing quality.

Reduces labor costs.

Product advantages:

DOBOT CR series robots adopt a self-developed full-perception technology architecture, integrated vision system, force, and voice control. DOBOT CR cobots perfectly match force control sensors and other end effectors. The force is accurately controlled during surface polishing to achieve a constant polishing effect and ensure better product quality.

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