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Automatic Car Body Paint Defect Detection with CR10 Collaborative Robot

Customer pain points:

Traditional industrial robots take up a lot of assembly space, which is limited.

The investment in traditional automation equipment is large, while the installation time is long, making it complicated to drive transformation.


Seven CR10 cobots surround the entire inspection workstation by hoisting and side-mounting. A combination of multiple 3D visual inspection cameras and light sources is used to inspect the car body paint. When the car body passes through the workstation, the robotic arm dynamically follows the body for lighting and taking pictures within 50 seconds. It completes multi-point data collection and transmits it to the server for detection.

Customer values:

The collaborative robot is flexible with multi-point to highly professional testing.

It completes the inspection of the dynamic environment of the assembly line, greatly improving the efficiency of the entire production line.

Product advantages:

The CR10 robot arms have a reach of 1300 mm. They support side loading and hoisting to save space and meet the needs of complex scenarios.

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